Adult Hockey

Adult Hockey

AZ Ice Arcadia hosts many different leagues and classes to choose from that span Monday – Sunday, for all ages and skill levels! Adult Hockey Leagues, Skills Classes, Scrimmages, Open Hockey, Stick & Puck Handling sessions, Heroes vs Villains and Clubs are all available! Please visit our Website Calendar to see when your next favorite skate will be on the ice

Adult Beginner Skills session (step one)
Never too old to learn the fundamentals of the game! This class is designated for those skaters that might know how to skate but would like to start to learn specialized hockey skills and drills.  Adult skills teaches skills, drills and skating techniques from one of our senior staff coaches. E-mail Justin Rogers at for further questions.

Next Session: 
Session time is 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM on Sundays.

October 22nd, 29th

*Dates for the following session TBD

Adult Hockey Leagues (step two)
AZ Ice Arcadia currently hosts three different leagues to choose from, with each catering to a different skill level and age! To play in any Adult Hockey League you must be above the age of 18 years and older (unless you are in the over 35 league), and you must have your own equipment. All AZ Ice Facilities are also under USA Hockey Sanctions, which means that all officials, players, and rules fall under USA Hockey terms. To Register for USA Hockey please visit the following site Contact for more info!

A/B League (Tier II) Advanced Recreational League (Tier III) Upper Intermediate
  • Monday Evenings after 9:00 PM (2 slots)
  • 18 years and older (co-ed)
  • 4 Teams (always recruiting)
  • Advanced Skilled Skate
  • Individual Payments, Team Payments, Sub Packages Available
  • Thursday Evenings after 8:50 PM (2 slots)
  • Friday Evenings after 9:30 PM (2 slots)
  • 18 years and older (co-ed)
  • 8 Teams (always recruiting)
  • Upper Intermediate Skilled Skate
  • Individual Payments, Team Payments, Sub Packages Available
35+ League  Oldtimers
  • Must be 35 or older
  • Tuesday Evenings after 9:00 PM (2 slots)
  • 35 years and older (co-ed)
  • 4 teams (always recruiting)
  • Preferred Refined Advanced Skilled Skate
  • Individual Payments, Team Payments, Sub Packages Available
  •  Friday mornings from 6:00 AM – 7:40 AM
  • 3 – 30 minute run time periods
  • Ice cut between 2nd and 3rd periods
  • $400 for 25 week season – $20 per week room permitting
  • Contact Jim Rogers, for more information

Open Hockey / Stick & Puck Handling Sessions
Open Hockey is for ages 18 and up and requires full equipment.  Each session is $18.00 for skaters and goalies are FREE!  Open Hockey is for anyone at any skill level to come out and work on their in-game skills (pick-up hockey scenario).
Stick & Puck handling is for all ages 17 and under requires full equipment, and 18 and up requires a helmet, skates, gloves, and stick (full gear still recommended).  Stick & Puck is directed for anyone to come out and work on their skills on their own time and at their own pace!  Private lessons with a designated coach are also available during these sessions.  Each session is $18.00 for all participants!

Heroes vs. Villains Skate
Heroes vs. Villains is an organized advanced open hockey skate.  Justin Rogers sends out weekly e-mails with the available skates, and all you have to do is reply that you want in!  It is NOT a drop-in basis, you MUST get on the list prior to the skate to participate.  The skate is $15.00 per session and goalies are FREE!  To get on the email list, please email