Learn to Skate Speed Skating Program

Learn to Skate Speed Skating Program

82Welcome to the AZ ICE Gilbert speed skating program!

Have you always wanted to try speed skating, but you don’t have any skates? Well that’s just fine! You can do this class in hockey skates or figure skates too! Even better, we have a limited amount of speed skates for you to tryout for yourselves!

Our new speed skating class follows the Learn to Skate USA Speed curriculum, and we also have practice time after class for you all to soar!80

Got the need for speed?  We even have our own padding around the rink to keep everyone safe!

This class is held every Sunday (see the attached flyer for exact times, as they change a bit during the fall).

And the greatest part? There is no age limit for this class, so skaters of all ages can come try it out! We guarantee you’ll have a great time and meet new friends in the process. Come check us out today!

Check out the flyer for schedule by clicking here!

For questions, please email Skating Director Mark Fitzgerald by clicking here!