Open Hockey & Stick/Puck Handling Sessions

Open Hockey & Stick/Puck Handling Sessions

Prices per session:

Open Hockey per skater: $15.00
Stick Puck per skater: $15.00

Open Hockey/Stick time passes (10 passes) = $130.00


Due to COVID precautions, all sessions have limited spots available so we are asking that players register and pay through DASH prior to arrival: Click here to register for OPEN HOCKEY OR STICK/PUCK


Open Hockey is available for the players that would like to come out and join in an easy going pick up game atmosphere! In case of small group, all open hockey turns into a Stick & Puck atmosphere.

  • 18 Years and Older
  • Full Equipment required
  • $15.00 Per session
  • Goalies- FREE
  • $130.00 for 10 passes available for purchase in Pro shop
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 11:15 AM – 12:45 PM
  • Late Night Sessions
  • Times vary

Stick & Puck sessions are available for a skater to come out and work on their stick handling and skating drills.This is the perfect atmosphere to work on anything of your desire.  Games will not be prohibited on this ice, strictly practice sessions.

  • All Ages
  • 18 Years and younger must wear full equipment
  • 18 Years and Up – Helmet, Skates, Stick, Gloves required
  • $15.00 Per session
  • $130.00 for 10 passes available for purchase in Pro shop
  • Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons
  • 11:15 AM – 12:45 PM
  • Sessions vary per week

Private Coaches Policy

Open hockey sessions are not available for private lesson if 10 or more open hockey players are in attendance. Stick/puck sessions are open to all signed in and paid participants. No private or otherwise organized lessons are allowed during stick time. 

Hockey creases must be made available for all participants. You can use them, not dominate them.