Freestyle Skating

Freestyle Skating

Welcome to the freestyle scheduling page! Here you can find all the latest information about when freestyles are taking place at our facility. We have more freestyle ice than any facility in the valley! Come skate with us!

Freestyle ice time is designed to help our advanced figure skaters and those in private lessons practice their programs and skills. Freestyle is different than public recreational skating. For Public Skating information, visit the Public Skating page.

Registering for Freestyle

To view the upcoming Freestyle schedule and register for a session, access your DASH account. To create your account, click here.

  1. Once your account is complete, visit the Home page or Menu drop-down bar. Click the blue “Registration” button.
  2. Select the name of the skater who will be registering, and a program menu will open. Choose the “Freestyle” option.
  3. The next page opens a detailed search box. Without entering anything in the box, scroll down to the bottom of the page where a box reads “[Month] Freestyle,” and click the green Register button.
  4. The following screen will be a list of dates and times. Choose your preferred Freestyle time.
  5. Click “Continue” and complete the checkout with your payment information. Done! Make sure to check in with us as you arrive so we can mark your attendance.

Call or visit Guest Services to purchase a 10-pack of 30-min passes for $72 ($80 value). To use these passes when registering for a Freestyle, click the “Apply GIL – FREESTYLE PASS” underneath your item in the cart. When you click this, your total will be brought to $0.00. Click “Checkout” and you’ll use one pass to put your name on the roster.

Freestyle Pricing:

30 minutes: $8

30 minute 10 pass pack: $72

All coaches are independent contractors. Skaters taking lessons on freestyle sessions must still purchase the ice time. Payment to a coach is separate from the 30 minute purchase.