U.S. Figure Skating

U.S. Figure Skating is the national governing body of the sport of figure skating. As the national governing body, the mission of the United States Figure Skating Association is to provide programs to encourage participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating on ice, and particularly:

A. To serve as the national governing body in the sport of figure skating on ice as recognized by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), and to serve as the United States member of the International Skating Union (ISU);

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Local Skating Competitions

The Southern California Interclub Association was founded on May 31, 1955, as a non-profit organization. Southern California Interclub members consist of US Figure Skating member clubs located in Southern California. Members are elected to membership as provided in the Consitution and By-Laws.

The Southern California Interclub web site has links and dates for all skating competitions within a 300 mile radius, so sharpen your skates and get ready to skate! Click here to view the web site.