Figure Skating Specialty Classes

Figure Skating Specialty Classes


Powerstroking – open to all levels of skaters.  This class will work on edge control, balance, speed and overall stamina with creative techniques.  Powerstroking is offered Tuesdays at 5:10pm and Saturdays at 9:10am.

Edge, Step, Levels & More – open to skaters level Pre-Freeskate and up.  Skaters will learn creative and innovative edges, steps and turns which will evolve into step sequences that can be used in competitive programs.  Edge, Step, Levels & More will be offered Thursdays at 5:10pm.

Fundamentally Freestyle – open to all levels of skaters.  This class is designed for skaters planning to advance to private lesson on Freestyle Sessions.  Students will learn jumps and spins in a freestyle setting.  Class will focus on jump foundation and technique, spin structure and execution as well as on-ice etiquette and working in a controlled freestyle setting.  Fundamentally Freestyle will be offered Saturdays at 10:55am.

Creative Skating – open to all levels of skaters.  Creative Skating  will encompass Artistry In Motion (AIM), Theater on Ice (TOI) and Synchronized Skating.  This class is a great segue to those who wish to participate in AZ Ice Gilbert show productions.  AIM introduces students to the basic principles and philosophy of choreography, presentation and performance.  TOI focuses on choreography, skating movements and the rapport between skaters and/or subgroups of skaters at an introductory level.  Synchronized Skating introduces skater to group skating.  This class work work on the  five basic elements which include The Block, Circle, Line, Wheel and Intersection.  Creative Skating will be available on Saturdays at 11:40am.

For more information or pricing on Specialty Classes contact Guest Services at 480.503.7080.